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Scifiland Bingo Card

[16] icons, including Stargate(SG-1 & SGA), Farscape, Doctor Who, Sanctuary, and Star Wars(EU)
[1] gif (Stargate)

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Tags: *icons, :scifiland, movies: star wars, sanctuary: kate freelander, stargate: general, tv: doctor who, tv: farscape
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January 19 2011, 18:47:21 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  January 19 2011, 21:47:47 UTC

Dude, the one with Aeryn/John = ♥ (I might have to totally snag that when I get my computer fixed) And the Kate one is super pretty! :D :D

Edited to fix html!fail on my part, LOL
:D Thank you! It was so hard to figure out (OMG THE YELLOW *dies*) a way to make it work, but now I'm so proud of how it turned out.
Gosh theya re gorgeous!!! :D

And Vala :D Oh Vala :D
:D :D Thank you so much! gotta love Vala ;)

Oh! Your icon reminds me, I need to make more Sherlock stuff. It's been too long...
Indeed!! :D

haha you really should!! I need more Benedict icons..
pancakessssss :D

great job
I knew everyone else would go with the love option...and Vala is too adorable <3
Thank you! :)
she is indead :D
aww so pretty ♥
:D thank you